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Thread: "Group With Exclusion" in firewall rules

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    Question "Group With Exclusion" in firewall rules

    Hello y'all

    I am auditing a Check Point firewall rule base provided in HTML format, looking for rules which potentially provide excessive access to destination networks/systems. There are some rules which have a destination group called "All-But-Internal". On first reading this looked ok because it allowed the source to access the Internet without being able to access other internal network addresses. However on closer examination of the network object "All-But-Internal" which is a "Group with exclusion", and the IP, netmask and members fields are all blank:

    Name Type IP Netmask Products installed NAT Address Members
    All-But-Internal Group With Exclusion

    I do not have access to this Check Point or the administrator, and have to make a call on whether this rule is excessive.

    Should it be interpreted that this rule permits the source to access EVERYTHING, as no exclusions have been defined for the "All-But-Internal" group?


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    Default Re: "Group With Exclusion" in firewall rules

    A group with exclusion (let say Group-A) is built from 2 other groups, where group-A = Group-B minus Group-C.

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    Default Re: "Group With Exclusion" in firewall rules

    It looks to me like the tool used to export the data for you does not know how to handle groups with exclusions. Groups don't have an IP address or netmask, and they definitely don't have a "products installed" field. Instead, they reference two groups: "Objects in" and "except". They work exactly how those references imply.

    From the data you have provided here, there is no way to tell which groups are referenced by the group with exclusion.

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