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Thread: FW and Proxy

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    Default FW and Proxy

    Good afternoon, colleagues!

    CheckPoint (Firewall & IPS) is installed on the border with the Internet. On the LAN side, hosts on the local network and CheckPoint share the proxy server. Therefore, in the CheckPoint events in the "Source" field, the IP address (and name) of the proxy server is almost everywhere written. This is logical, but it is not suitable for us.

    Is there a solution that would allow for our allocation scheme in the "Source" field, would CheeckPoint display the IP addresses of hosts from the local network?

    Change the network location of network devices (proxy server, CheckPoint) is not possible.

    PS In the case of other IPS, I had this practice: the proxy server added the IP address of the local node in the special field of each packet, and IPS read this field, and wrote this value in the "Source" field. This is a little artificial way, yes, but it worked as it should. Is it possible to configure CheckPoint in this manner?

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    Default Re: FW and Proxy

    Nearest there is for X-Forward-For header support which is there if have additional software blades such as AppCtrl/URL etc enabled. ( if you have them then the only reason for Proxy Server is whilst migrating from Proxy to Check Point Blades )

    However only works with HTTP/HTTPS traffic where the Proxy is configured to include that information.

    Changing IP of Proxy or Check Point ( and network location ) isn't going to do anything for you even if you did this as will still see the Source IP in the header of the packet as the Proxy Server.

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