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Thread: RADIUS for external users and mfa

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    Default RADIUS for external users and mfa

    I'm trying to authenticate external users with RADIUS and multi-factor authentication via Azure. I have defined radius server, authentication modes etc., but according to logs the firewall doesn't talk to RADIUS server. Logs say that external user's identity is recognized via domain matching belonging to correct group containing external user profile (which points to correct radius server), but still the log also says "User unknown to Firewall-1 authentication". Any ideas what is wrong?

    We use Mobile Access for this, configured currently with username & password authentication. Does anyone know, if the client supports also MFA secondary input, like passcode sent to user phone? And should I use some other authentication method instead of user/pwd?

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    Default Re: RADIUS for external users and mfa

    Do a packet capture and see if the raduis server is returning unknown user.

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