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Thread: Anyone have experience with 40Gbit fiber cards for 15000/23000?

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    Default Anyone have experience with 40Gbit fiber cards for 15000/23000?

    An option on the new 15000 and 23000 series appliances is a 4x10Gbit fiber card:

    4 Port 10GBase-F SFP+ interface card - CPAC-4-10F-B-INSTALL
    Does anyone have experience (good or bad) working with this relatively new NIC? Other than being mentioned in SecureKnowledge as the first non-Intel NICs to support multi-queue, there really isn't much other info available about them. I'm asking because these seem to be one of the very few non-Intel NIC cards that Check Point has made available for its appliances in recent years. It appears the manufacturer of these is Mellanox and the driver name displayed by ethtool -i is "mlx5_core". Thanks!
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    Default Re: Anyone have experience with 40Gbit fiber cards for 15000/23000?

    That part number and description does not match the card you're asking about.

    I've got a bunch of the four-port 10g cards, but they're boring. Just ordinary ixgbe cards.

    I don't have experience with the Mellanox 40g card version Check Point is selling, but I have some ordinary PCIe cards using what I believe is the same chip. They're pretty solid. 40g is kind of a dead-end tech, though. Unless you have substantial existing investment in it, I'd skip it in favor of 100g at this point.

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