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Thread: Deploying IPS blade in Prevent mode

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    Default Deploying IPS blade in Prevent mode

    Hi Team,

    I'm running a cluster setup with R77.30 GAIA and recently bought IPS license. Can somebody advise me the phases to deploy the IPS which will prevent any kind of unknown outages.
    I'm asking the phases which means monitoring for XYZ days, fine tuning and then prevent mode.
    Can somebody tell me what needs to be monitored on initial days and what kind of fine tuning required on the configuration.

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    Default Re: Deploying IPS blade in Prevent mode


    Is a pretty good starting point.

    If concerned about CPU load

    https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com/supportcenter/portal?eventSubmit_doGoviewsolutiondetails=&soluti onid=sk43733&partition=Advanced&product=IPS"

    Is pretty useful

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    Default Re: Deploying IPS blade in Prevent mode

    Hi Mcnallym,

    Thanks for the reply. I will go through the guide mentioned by you and will post in case i struck somewhere.

    Once again thanks a ton!

    Ram T S

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    Default Re: Deploying IPS blade in Prevent mode

    The IPS tuning guide is very good and elaborate.

    Yet, the approach can be simplified a bit, to start easy.

    1. Get default profile and modify it to put all protections to "detect only", where possible. Some classic ones can be Protect only, but there is nothing you can do
    2. See if you have no errors on the traffic you consider legit. If yes, drill down to understand why.
    3. Assess your needs and pit-point set of protections/protocols/servers you need to protect. You most probably don't need 100% of IPS capabilities.
    4. Slowly scale up those you need.
    5. always set new protections to detect only and observe the logs before enabling actual protect mode
    6. Be extremely cautious with protections that are marked for high CPU impact
    7. at any steps above, observe CPU utilization with top and/or cpview commands before and after every change, to make sure FW performance parameters are still okay

    Valeri Loukine

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