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I'd like to thank everyone involved for making "The CPUG Challenge" a great success.
We helped a lot of people see and learn a bit more about R80.10, while having some fun.
We will be using this success to try and bring more events to more locations soon. -E


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Thread: R75.40 to R77.30 database import/export

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    Default R75.40 to R77.30 database import/export


    I have a fresh installed Gaia R77.30 security gateway. Can someone give me some instructions on exporting the database(rules/objects...etc) from the production R75.40 gateway and importing into the R77.30?


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    Default Re: R75.40 to R77.30 database import/export

    Hi Cathy

    If they are separated boxes, You need to use the R77.30 migration tools from the R75 SMS. I don't remember whether is one step upgrade, but you can easily find it at CP SecureKnowledge.

    With the resulting exported file you import in the new R77 server.

    The process is very well documented in the support site.



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