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Thread: Microsoft Azure acting as C&C?

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    Default Microsoft Azure acting as C&C?

    this morning, a bunch of Antibot Events popped up saying that the Anti-bot Blade prevented Communination with C&C site The protection name is Operator.Trickbot.dh.
    Reverse Lookup shows that is a MicroSoft Azure IP address.

    How big is the probability that we have a false positive here?

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    Default Re: Microsoft Azure acting as C&C?

    Colleagues seen some of this based on protection name

    There was some investigation work done which indicated that likely a false positive.

    Was reported to Check Point and waiting on resolution/confirmation at the moment.

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    Default Re: Microsoft Azure acting as C&C?

    This was a false positive.

    The URL in question was being communicated with by the Trickbot Banking Trojan as part of a connectivity check.
    It was added as a Command and Control site into ThreatCloud.
    Within 5 hours, the URL was revoked.
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