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Thread: Interesting queries regarding Captive Portal

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    Default Interesting queries regarding Captive Portal

    Hi Guys,

    One of our customer has raised a query regarding captive portal where we already have configured Captive portal for Windows as well as Linux desktops. However he would like to know if captive portal can be opened for Linux desktops which are only having or running on runlevel 3[no GUI] in that case how users can get authenticated?

    I tried using command line based browsers like lynx but it says it needs Java hence does not allow to open up.

    Any alternative available or can suggest?

    And Second, since we have kept auto-logoff for 24 hours in Captive portal Can we align or assign or exempt certain desktops from the same?

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    Default Re: Interesting queries regarding Captive Portal

    You can tie Linux desktops into Active Directory directly.
    In which case they don't need Captive Portal at all.
    Otherwise, I'm not sure how you can use the Captive Portal from the CLI--perhaps some text-only browser that supports Javascript.
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