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Thread: quick and dirty hex to ip convert

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    Default quick and dirty hex to ip convert

    Put this in a file called hextoip.pl

    Can be used the following ways

    something | perl hextoip.pl

    cat file | perl hextoip.pl

    perl hextoip.pl < input_file.txt

    perl hextoip.pl input_file.txt

    Can be run with stdin or as argument. input should be some table dumped via fw tab -t $table -u.

    use strict;
    use warnings;
    while( my $line = <>) {
            foreach my $token ($line =~ /([a-f0-9]{8})/g) {
                    my $ip = join( '.', unpack( "C*", pack( "H*", $token)));
                    $line =~ s/$token/$ip/g;
            print $line;
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