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Thread: Question On Protocol and ClusterXL

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    Default Question On Protocol and ClusterXL

    What is the difference between http and http80_NoSDF in firewall protocol?
    When does the latter appear? Caan I filter one but not the other in the FW logs?

    My workplace FW is using ClusterXL. Does that explain why I am learning 2 mac addresses from a device on two separate interfaces?
    Where can I learn more about clusterxl?

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    Default Re: Question On Protocol and ClusterXL

    If you look under the Advanced Section of the Service Definition then will find that under the Protocol part then the HTTP Service has a Service type set.

    This causes certain IPS work against the traffic even if IPS Blade not enabled.

    http80_NoSDF will have been defined by an Administrator without the protocol setting under the Advanced Section so that no IPS is invoked.

    The NoSDF is probably short for NoSmartDeFense. SmartDefense being the predecessor to the IPS Blade.

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    Default Re: Question On Protocol and ClusterXL

    Pretty sure SDF is referring to the Sticky Decision Function of Load-Sharing ClusterXL deployments. I assume the http80_NoSDF Protocol Type is excluding port 80 traffic matching this service object from the additional overhead of SDF. Should only matter in a Load Sharing deployment, not HA which is active/standby.
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