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Thread: Anti-Spoofing in same network segment

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    Default Anti-Spoofing in same network segment

    Hi All,

    Please help me to understand anti-spoofing in same network segment. for example :- I have 2 hosts ( Host 1:- & Host 2:- These both hosts reside at internal side of firewall. Firewall internal port IP:- Now if Host 2 spoofed Host 1 IP address and send traffic towards outside. How anti-spoofing will work in this case. How firewall will detect this is spoofed IP-address.


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    Default Re: Anti-Spoofing in same network segment

    Very common question and often misunderstood. It's one of Check Point's least intuitive settings.

    Basically, Anti-Spoofing setting on an interface determines what source IP addresses are valid to enter through that interface. If a packet comes in through eth0 that's not in eth0's "topology", anti-spoofing will drop it (if active).

    A simple guideline is often routing. In most cases, you'll also have to have static routes defined for any internal networks/hosts that aren't connected to the same subnet as the interface. In other words, look at your routing entries, and make sure any static routing is accounted for in topology.

    In your example, anti-spoofing will do nothing. If the two hosts are on the same network, and that network is included in the anti-spoofing definition, it'll be considered valid. Usually, spoofing is used to reach a network that you're not actually on.


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