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Thread: Cluster in a Lab environement (cluster not working)

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    Default Cluster in a Lab environement (cluster not working)

    Hi all.
    It's been 2 days I'm trying to get this cluster in a lab environment working.

    I've looked everywhere and couldn't find the information to solve my problem.

    My lab is using Widows HyperV with 1 PC, 2 Firewalls and 1 management using R77.30
    I pretty much copied my Live setup (which has 5 locations, with a running cluster in each)

    The problem is that they don't seem to see each other
    SMART Monitor : shows both active
    cphaprob stat : only see the localhost

    Both firewall have 3 interfaces
    eth0,11 /24 VIP

    eth1,3 /24 VIP

    eth2,2 /24
    cpstat -f all ha : gives me the correct output

    The topology is correct on the management server
    I've pushed the topology and 1 rule which allows all traffic to everything

    The PC, sms and firewalls can ping every interfaces
    -- VIP on the SMS side and PC side isn't pinging
    I rebooted, issued cpstop and start nothing seems to fix this.

    This is either a virtual switch problem from HyperV
    Or I'm doing something wrong... But at the moment I can't seem to find how to find how to fix this (I try to prove that my setup it ok)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    Default Re: Cluster in a Lab environement (cluster not working)

    one search on google gave me SK106855 and this forum entry.
    Regards, Maarten.
    Triple MDS on R77.30, MDS on R80.10, VSX, GAIA.

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    Default Re: Cluster in a Lab environement (cluster not working)

    Hi again, thanks for those links.
    I've enabled Mac spoofing and the cluster went On right away! With some problems that I'd like to share and comment or approve my thinking. (sorry for my french BTW, maybe my sentences dont make to much senses sometime )

    Here's my setup
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0021.JPG 
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Size:	473.2 KB 
ID:	1246Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_1_0D05601C0CFF9EDC0045F20585258100.gif 
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Size:	22.1 KB 
ID:	1248

    With this setup I was having a serious problem with the cluster... the cphaprob stat
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_1_0D0562200CFF370C0045F20585258100.jpg 
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Size:	69.9 KB 
ID:	1245
    As you can see the 1st sync seems messed up with the internal interface (facing the management server)
    Heres the output from cpstat -f all ha
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_1_0D0564240D054C800045F20585258100.gif 
Views:	77 
Size:	7.8 KB 
ID:	1244Click image for larger version. 

Name:	_1_0D056A7C0D054C800045F20585258100.gif 
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Size:	7.5 KB 
ID:	1247

    Now my thinking was that there must be something with the spoofing that was causing an issue since its all running inside HyperV that is running inside a VSphere ( I know im pushing it )
    So I've put the eth0 state to off, that didn't make any change (but I wasn't expecting much from this)
    Then I've tried to remove the eth3 (Sync) interface and put it on the eth1 cluster + 1sync and that did it.
    I've checked the mac address assigned to each interface, to the "VIP" as well and nothing was off... Now I know that CCP are sent using multicast. Is it possible that, from the original plan, the eth1 was receiving those packets and messed up my cphaprob stat outputs?

    At that point I tried to cphaconf set_ccp braodcast redid the eth3 as the Sync Interface and rebooted. The problem came back. the cphaprob stat shows eth1 and eth3 ip addresses.
    I removed the eth3 again and put eth1 as cluster and sync 1 (facing the management server network)
    Everything from that end is ok now.

    Now from the tracker I see Multicast packet from eth0 trying to get out eth1, the protocol is IGMP
    From what I can see, the problem I have is that the CCP multicast is not working super good with the virtual setup I have, or there's something I don't understand properly

    I know this is a lengthy post, but I hope someone somewhere as an explanation

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    Default Re: Cluster in a Lab environement (cluster not working)

    Run fw ctl zdebug drop and look for anti-spoofing drops, cause you might need to update anti-spoofing, also, make sure you have a NAT rule that nonats all the interface networks to interface network, if that makes sense...

    eg if you have interface A and B

    networkAB going to Network AB should not be NAT'ed...

    I had a similar issue and this fixed it.

    Make sure the VM virtual networking is not an issue...


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