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Thread: Bridging while unloaded

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    Default Bridging while unloaded

    Anyone happen to know the impact of "fw unload" or "cpstop" to a bridged interface (GAIA R77.30)? I would assume it's going to disable flow across it, for obvious security reasons (just like ip forwarding).

    More importantly, if I'm right, does anyone know how to manually re-enable flow across the bridge? Is it simply handled by IP forwarding?

    Unfortunately, I only have a very limited production maintenance window to test this, and don't have immediate access to my lab.

    Thanks guys,


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    Default Re: Bridging while unloaded

    After fw unloadlocal:

    echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/bridge/forwarding

    Verified in VMWare setup.
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    Default Re: Bridging while unloaded

    Thanks, buddy


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