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Thread: Tool or Script to add new objects

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    Default Tool or Script to add new objects


    I need to add approx 15 new 1430 devices every night to the SMS with all the miscellaneous objects (subnets, IP's, hostname, etc...) What tool is available to accomplish this?


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    Default Re: Tool or Script to add new objects

    What version of management?

    If pre-R80, your best bet is dbedit and there is documentation for it in the R77 CLI Reference Guide.
    I don't believe creating 1430s with dbedit is well documented.
    If R80, there is a more robust CLI for these things.
    You can find documentation and several examples at https://community.checkpoint.com

    Also keep in mind there are several objects that are already available that you can make use of, perhaps reducing the number of objects you have to create.
    These are Dynamic Objects in the sense that they do not contain an IP on the SMS and the local gateway resolves them.

    • LocalMachine: The local gateway IP (usually external)
    • LocalMachine_All_Interfaces: All IPs on local interfaces of the gateway
    • LocalMachine_External_Interfaces: External IPs of gateway
    • DMZNet: IPs available from the DMZ interface
    • InternalNet: All IPs reachable from the Internal network
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