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Tim Hall has done it yet again - That's right, the 3rd edition is here!
You can read his announcement post here.
It's a massive upgrade focusing on current versions, and well worth checking out. -E


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Thread: What is this all about?

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    Default What is this all about?

    Why are we introducing the CPUG Papers?

    Check Point provides a good deal of technical documentation. It is comprehensive, detailed, and covers a complete range of Check Point product offerings and capabilities. These documents are a great resource for anyone in the field, both those new to Check Point, and seasoned veterans.

    Check Point also maintains a full set of training courses, which are delivered worldwide by Authorized Training Centers. When led by a qualified, Certified Instructor, these courses prove to be a great way for those new to Check Point to get up to speed quickly, and for the more experienced to deepen their understanding and fill in knowledge gaps – especially when seeking certification. Check Point’s Training and Certification team, with assistance from a network of Certified Instructors around the globe, works constantly to adapt and improve the courseware. Regular updates are made to increase relevance, and adjust for new features and versions. Around the time we are introducing these papers, Check Point is in the process of releasing entirely new courses, re-architected and re-written from the ground up, and based on R80.10.

    CPUG has long been the top source for free, independent discussion and assistance around Check Point products and services. The CPUG Papers will continue that tradition, filling the space between Check Point publications and Check Point Authorized Training, with professional, practical, insightful documentation that will help further the understanding of important topics.

    Some Papers will be intended for a beginner, entry-level audience, and break down sometimes complex ideas into simple, understandable language, using clear examples and illustrations. Other Papers will be significantly more complex, intended for a more experienced audience, with a deeper technical background and pre-existing knowledge. Yet others will fall somewhere in between. Each Paper will, however, begin with a detailed summary page, clearly indicating the intended audience, required background, document goals, and other pertinent details.

    The Papers will be continually updated to account for product changes and advancements. Papers will also occasionally be amended, incorporating insights and additions from members of the vast CPUG community.

    Ultimately, the CPUG Papers will be a comprehensive resource, providing clearly written, referenceable documentation that falls between the wonderful discussion information on the CPUG forums, and the detailed technical documentation provided by Check Point.

    What happened to the book?

    For those of you who’ve been anticipating a “book”, we appreciate your interest and excitement, and that you’d paid enough attention to know that we’d announced one. Ultimately, while we would still like to produce a comprehensive volume in book form, the task has been delayed for many reasons, including both the delays in the release of R80.10, and our own busy lives.

    The CPUG Papers concept was born from the desire to get our works and ideas into the wild as quickly and effectively as possible. Publishing as individual Papers allows us more freedom in release schedules, and will allow for more frequent updates. It also frees us to use individual writing and formatting styles, speeding up publishing.

    Who’s behind this?

    The initial CPUG Papers are the work of four very knowledgeable, skilled, and passionate professionals, who spend most of our time working with Check Point products. Our work involves architecting, deploying, and supporting security solutions and practices for a vast array of clients and customers. We also all happen to be Check Point Certified Security Masters and Instructors, who regularly teach certified courses to students, both new and old. You may have taken a Check point course from one of us, engaged us (or our employers) for a professional engagement or services, or been assisted by us on the CPUG forums, either directly or by a post we made in response to someone else. If you have yet to meet us, please go by the forums and introduce yourself.

    While we know a great deal about Check Point, none of us will claim to “know it all”. One of the biggest joys we get from engaging with students and CPUG members is the constant furthering of our own education. We have a strong desire that these papers, while providing a good deal of information to the reader, foster even more communication and a flow of ideas. Each paper will have its own thread in the forums, and any and all feedback and additional ideas from the community will be considered for inclusion in future revisions of the Papers. Ultimately, this will make the Papers a product of the entire CPUG community.

    Thank you all for your continued interest and support!

    Eric Anderson
    Timothy C. Hall
    Kishin Fatnani
    Valeri Loukine
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