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Thread: Object color

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    Default Object color


    trying to setup my new R80 SMS, it seems that there is less color available for object.
    Am I wrong ?

    I currently create my objects with old colors from r77.30 and I got errors :
    Invalid parameter for [color]. The invalid value [slate blue]

    Is there a hide option ?

    EDIT :

    to be more precise, on the interface I have crete blue color, but with mgmt_cli (API) I only have the right to use this list of color :

    message: "Invalid parameter for [color]. The invalid value [crete blue] should be replaced by one of the following values: [aquamarine 1, black, blue, blue 1, burly wood 4, cyan, dark green, dark khaki, dark orchid, dark orange 3, dark sea green 3, deep pink, deep sky blue 1, dodger blue 3, firebrick, foreground, forest green, gold, gold 3, gray 83, gray 90, green, lemon chiffon, light coral, light sea green, light sky blue 4, magenta, medium orchid, medium slate blue, medium violet red, navy blue, olive drab, orange, red, sienna, yellow, none]"

    So is this a limitation of the API ?
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    Old post, but...

    This is not a limitation of the API as it is a limitation in Check Point R80 itself. It seems that different types of objects have different color palettes for some reason. For example, I can use "Dark Sea Green" for Network Groups and Network objects, but I cannot use this same color on Interoperable Devices. Then in the reverse direction, there is a Dark Turquoise for Interoperable Objects but not for Groups or Network objects.

    Not sure why they didn't just use the same palette across the board. Seems like it would be more work for them not to.

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    Default Re: Object color

    Hi, I wanted to clarify why we did this starting in R80.

    We wanted to use the opportunity of rethinking security management and give a refresh on the colors, make the names more user friendly - now that they are exposed through REST API's.

    The unfortunate side effect is that object editors which still get open with the R77-style UI, such as gateway objects, interop devices, really any device-like object, still have the previous color names and scheme. So objects which do not have REST API's yet still maintain the previous color scheme. As we plan to migrate more elements to the R80-style user interface and API's, their colors will be consistent with the rest of the application.

    I also want to remind you on another new thing that we added 2 years ago - tagging objects. You can use as many tags as you like, across all objects, later filter your object lists by tags, and it's separated from the colors. Colors are for ease of navigation, tags give the meaning. Of course, you can automate tag-to-color with custom scripts.

    Hope this helps.

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