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Thread: Can't connect to smartdashboard of new vSEC setup

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    Default Can't connect to smartdashboard of new vSEC setup


    I selected vSEC from the marketplace and got a vSEC gateway+smartcenter up and running.
    I can connect to it with ssh and https with user admin and the password I provided in the Azure deployment wizard, but I can't connect to SmartDashboard.
    It says "Authentication to server <IP> failed".

    Did anyone try this?

    The KB article https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com...SEC#Deployment
    says you should use their template but I wonder if I will get the same problem.

    I'll try it soon though, but I was hoping this would be deployable with the Azure wizard. If it's not possible to get it working, then the marketplace description should mention this.

    Kind regards,

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    Default Re: Can't connect to smartdashboard of new vSEC setup

    Hi ,

    Try initializing the SIC on gateway . There should not be issue connecting gateway in azure though SmartDashboard.

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