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Thread: DHCP Relay not working after upgrade to Version 77.20 on CP1140's

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    Default DHCP Relay not working after upgrade to Version 77.20 on CP1140's

    Our Manager is at version 77.30. I have a CP1100 which connects to it via vpn. It was running version 75.30 without any problem. We upgraded to 77.20 and now the DCHP relay is not working correctly. The device is centrally managed through Provisioning. Both the device and manager run Gaia.

    On Port 8 of the 1100 I have 4 VLANS. VLAN 2 is tagged for voice. *The phone is pulling an IP Address* but the PC will not. If I give the PC a static address it works and I can go across the tunnel. I saw article SK105727, but since it is working on the phone I did not think it would be good to start removing a bunch of legacy services. I double checked all the settings in the local network on the 1100 just to make sure nothing got changed during the upgrade process and the relay server address was still there and correct. I don't see any traffic at all in the log file, accepted or otherwise. All the devices (PC, Checkpoint, switch, and phone) have been restarted.

    Actually the phone is not pulling an IP address either, I looked at its settings and even though I unplugged it it kept the IP address in memory. I guess unless it changes subnets it will retain that address. So basically, dhcp-relay is simply not working after upgrading to 77.30.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Any help would be appreciated, even an idea what may be wrong so I can try and find the solution. Since relay is working on the phone but not the PC I am kind of at a loss.

    Thank you so much,
    Last edited by terri8369; 2017-02-08 at 13:04. Reason: Found out phone was also not getting an address, it was being retained in memory similar to being static.

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    Default Re: DHCP Relay not working after upgrade to Version 77.20 on CP1140's

    So now that I know neither the phone nor the PC was pulling an IP address it was WAY easier to troubleshoot. I am working my way through https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com...ionid=sk110021 which describes the problem perfectly. Thank you to anyone who read and thought about it though!

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