FYI: just ran into a situation today.

I build GAIA R77.30 with Jumbo 205 on a Dell PowerEdge R730. Both the servers and everything is listed in Checkpoint HCL.

built the security gateway and rebooted it a few times to make sure that everything is good. On the 8th reboot attempts, it crashed with the following messages:

cat: /tmp/dispatcher_modparam: No such file or directory
CKP: Loading SecureXL: [ OK ]
rss num for driver ixgbe is: 1
rss number for driver igb is: 1
no mlx5_core interfaces on the machine
no i40e interfaces on the machine
CKP: Loading FW-1 IPv4 Instance 0: [FAILED]
NIT: Sending processes the KILL signal

multiple attempts to reboot the box did not fix the issue :-(. Had to rebuild the box again :-(