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Thread: Install Offline Update

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    Default Install Offline Update

    Hi guys

    OS: Gaia Embedded R77.20.40

    Need to install appi signature from file(offline update).
    APPI offline installation.

    Its here in SK103882.
    But i cannot acces it.

    To view this solution, higher access level is required.
    To learn more about our support programs and plans click here. */

    can someone who can access it copy and paste the whole SK here.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Install Offline Update

    you can't download an offline update without support.

    You also need talk to support and explain why you need access to offline updates. Once you do you'll be put in touch with account services who will then ask you to sign something in order to be given access to the special url. Only after that will you be able to download offline updates.

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