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Thread: Firewall management source IP address

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    Default Firewall management source IP address

    Hi all,

    We have a 1430 appliance in a branch office, NATed behind a ISP router. This firewall is interconnected to our headquarters with an IPSec VPN and works properly. We are able to manage this gateway over the VPN, using its internal IP address, and we have added exceptions for the SSH and portal ports, so as to be able to access it even when the VPN is down. However, for outgoing management connections (SNMP traps, backups, syslogs), the 1430 firewall use its external interface as the source IP address and this traffic is dropped at our HQ (this private IP address is not in the VPN domain). Is there a way to set the internal interface as the source address for management connections ?


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    Default Re: Firewall management source IP address

    You might need a NAT rule for that.

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