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Thread: AWS Checkpoint with DMZ

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    Default AWS Checkpoint with DMZ


    I've been using https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com...ionid=sk104418 as a reference for standing up Checkpoint in Amazon Web Services. However; it doesn't seem to have instructions for setting up a DMZ in AWS.

    If you assign an Elastic IP to an AWS web server,AWS sends all traffic straight to that web server bypassing Checkpoint. Route Tables will not allow you to send the traffic to Checkpoint first.

    I could have multiple private IP addresses on the external interface, with a corresponding EIP for each one, but then I have to start building VLANs, which I will be trying next.

    Has anyone done a DMZin AWS, and how did you do it?


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    Default Re: AWS Checkpoint with DMZ

    The Elastic IPs have to be assigned to the Check Point instance, not the individual web server instances.
    The IPs will be associated with private addresses that are NOT configured in Gaia OS.
    NAT rules will be configured for these private addresses to the specific instances.

    This is covered in the Getting Started Guide for AWS: http://downloads.checkpoint.com/dc/d...d.htm?ID=45816
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    Default Re: AWS Checkpoint with DMZ

    That worked fine. It was a little weird juggling two private IP addresses and one public instead of one of each.

    Thank you.

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