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Thread: Windows R77.30 to Gaia R77.30 Migration

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    Default Windows R77.30 to Gaia R77.30 Migration

    Can someone share me the procedure to migrate windows R77.30 on to Gaia R77.30. The Gaia is going to be new hostname and IP address.

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    Default Re: Windows R77.30 to Gaia R77.30 Migration

    I think following process needs to follow.Has anyone followed same process to achieve.

    export the Database from the windows R77.30

    C:\Windows\FW1\R77\fw1\bin\upgrade_tools\migrate export <Name>

    Install the Gaia R77.30 with same level of Version and Add-on.

    Import the databse
    migrate import <Name>

    Apply the license to Gaia which is generated with new IP MGMT IP address.
    Perform CPSTOP and CPSTART.
    launch the SmartDashboard and update the MGMT Object and topology with new IP address.
    Install the Database.
    Login SmartCenter with new IP address.
    Stop Check Point services: cpstop
    Change the hostname:
    In Gaia's clish: >set hostname <newHostname>
    In Gaia, run >save config
    Back up the $FWDIR/conf/objects_5_0.C. file and edit it with VI editor.
    Use the Search and Replace feature in vi to replace all instances of the old hostname with the new one:
    Run "vi objects_5_0.C" and remove the entire certificate block from each entry by going to the colon at the beginning of each certificate entry and delete. Once complete, save file by using

    For example:
    :certificates (
    : (defaultCert
    Should become:
    :certificates ()
    Destroy the Internal Certificate Authority: fwm sic_reset
    Recreate the CA by running cpconfig, then select the Certificate Authority option.
    Connect with SmartDashboard to confirm that the new hostname shows up.
    Reset SIC to gateways.

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    Default Re: Windows R77.30 to Gaia R77.30 Migration

    Answered in the different thread.

    Valeri Loukine

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