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Thread: Latest CCSA R77 exam information

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    Default Latest CCSA R77 exam information

    Current exam number is: 156-215.77
    Exam is based on: R77.30

    Check Point's Study Guide is available here (UC access controlled)

    If you have more details (length, number of questions, etc.) add them to this thread and I'll update this post.


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    Default Re: Latest CCSA R77 exam information

    Hi All,

    I just recently took the CCSA exam in Somerville and passed! Just an FYI the test was 100 questions, and are worded quite poorly. Could just be my opinion, but to me, it was almost like a Cisco test where even someone who fully understands and has performed operations could still slip up due to wording.

    The Checkpoint Study guide from their site did NOT prove to be of value for my test. I was actually quite surprised.

    I did take a nice week long course before this test, taught by the administrator of this site actually - which helped immensely.

    Best of luck, everyone!
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