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Thread: Need you to prepare CCSA R77 (Student manual, QA, Lab)

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    Default Need you to prepare CCSA R77 (Student manual, QA, Lab)

    Hello Everyone,

    I'm currently trying to prepare the CCSA 156-215.77 certification, and i need you to find some informations. i found some existing post on this topic, but all the links are dead and i've some questions :

    1/ Could you please help me to find student manual, or something like, in order to improve the theoretical part (Like summary sheet for Cisco CCNA) ?

    2/ What kind of Exam prep with Question/Answer can i use ? Where can i find it ?

    3/ Do you know a platform or something like that (GNS3), in order to build a lab ? (With sources)

    Thanks a lot by advance for your help, I looked for many hours and I cannot find them...


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    Default Re: Need you to prepare CCSA R77 (Student manual, QA, Lab)

    The only helpful preparation resources are available from Check Point, official study guide:


    Older resources that cannot be found by navigating Check Point's site, but are still accessible if you type in the full URL:



    Copies of the CCSA R77.30 Student Manual and Lab Books are only available for purchase from an ATC; any PDF/online versions not secured with Check Point Capsule are pirated and will not be discussed/posted here at CPUG.
    Second Edition of my "Max Power" Firewall Book
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