The story so far...

I've acquired a checkpoint 12600 from a liquidation sale. An entire data centre went under and went through the receivers in the uk. Several bids later I ended up with 1 of 2 12600s that were from the said data centre. Now as you can probably guess I'm new to the world of servers and data centres though I do have some computing knowledge. After getting the 12600 home my first intention was obviously to test it. It fires up ok and loads the images fine.

This is my problem:--

I cannot for the life of me get into the management UI. I've obviously set the static ip on my win 7 computer to the management address on the 12600. It connects to the network fine and pings back on but repeatedly gives me a connection refused error in every browser that I've tried. I've tried a few different options in the boot menu and all result in the same error. I think the unit is working fine but is it possible that the previous owner has disabled it through the management lan port? I would really like to know which blades are installed in it and to check if its working correctly before I try to sell it!! I'm told by a cp partner that the licenses can be transfered from cp so hopefully I can find a buyer for it.

Any help that you could offer would be much appreciated as I am steadily going crazy with this.

I also realise that this forum is really for people who are trying to further their knowledge of cp equipment and not really for people like my who are trying to sell equipment. As I said, any help would be v much appreciated