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I'd like to thank everyone involved for making "The CPUG Challenge" a great success.
We helped a lot of people see and learn a bit more about R80.10, while having some fun.
We will be using this success to try and bring more events to more locations soon. -E


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Thread: New Security Gateway installed on Open server

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    Default New Security Gateway installed on Open server

    Query : - After I installed security gateway on open server in standalone with no server installed yet.
    After complete installation I lost ping to gateway .
    I am trying to understand what policy are pushed by default to security which blocks icmp and https traffic.


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    Default Re: New Security Gateway installed on Open server

    By default before creating SIC connection you will have initial policy on the GW which allows only outbound connection from the GW. Create SIC with MGMT and install any policy you want.

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