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Thread: DHCP option 43

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    Default DHCP option 43

    Hi everyone,

    I have a firewall checkpoint 1100 R75.20.69, with dhcp service running.

    In this site we buy cisco aps CAP, and to be configure need to contact the controller.

    This controller are in other site, in cisco dhcp configuration (router or switch) we add the option 43 in dhcp configuration.

    Anyone can help on chekpoint configuration.


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    Default Re: DHCP option 43

    Device > Network > Local Network, double-click on your segment that has DHCP enabled.
    Click on the DHCP Server Options tab, scroll to the very bottom.
    You should be able to add custom DHCP Options here.

    Note that there was a bug specific to adding DHCP Option 43 that was fixed in R77.20.10 and above (see sk107038), so you may need to upgrade.
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    Default Re: DHCP option 43

    Was an answer ever found?

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