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Thread: Personal/Home ISP Support

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    Default Personal/Home ISP Support

    I am going to go out on a limb here, and simply assume that we all have internet access at home. Most of us, likely through the local service provider, in my case, Rogers.

    Inevitably, most/all of us will have some kind of technical problem(s) with the internet access. Going out on another limb, I am going to further assume that *MOST* of us are... (i want to say smarter, but I don't want to insult anyone, so I will just use) more knowledgeable than the ISP support agents.

    How do you guys handle calling the ISP support?

    For example, I lost access to my VPN to home today on my phone (same provider as the ISP); yesterday, it was working just fine. This exact same accedss over a non-Rogers network works just fine. Doing a bunch of typical troubleshooting, I discovered a legitimate routing loop deep within the ISP's network. I was able to confirm that these IP Addresses were owned by Rogers through an arin whois lookup. Naturally, I contacted the ISP, and suffice to say, the poor bastard couldn't comprehend the issue at hand... Not that I blame him either, I've done end-user support, and I know first-hand this depth of knowledge is VERY rare to come across their plates. I have also tried the contact numbers from the arin lookup, but "the voicemail box(es) is full". So what do I do now?...lol... What would YOU do? How to resolve the routing loop and access?

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    Default Re: Personal/Home ISP Support

    Before I call ISP support (which isn't often thankfully). I have to stop and remember that there was a time when I went from helping people with antivius issues (back when no one thought this was a security issue) to supporting a unix firewall with basically no understanding of unix or firewalls. We all start somewhere and there is no reason to get crappy with whoever your talking to on the other side.

    Deep breath, drink some nice calming tea or something. Give them a chance to run through their script and then start asking for the next level. You may or may not get there.

    You could get creative and look up their network via a bgp looking glass or whois and then see if they have a number for a noc. Call them and tell them you want to report a routing loop. I'd bet they would be interested in that. Sometimes you get lucky :D

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