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Thread: New R80 publication on the way...

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    Default New R80 publication on the way...

    While you may have seen this already (either buried in ShadowPeak's significant new R80 addendum to MaxPower, on posts in LinkedIn groups, or Valeri Loukine's blog), I'm happy to announce to the cpug community that a team of members is nearing completion on a significant endeavor. The working title for the book is "New Frontier: Check Point R80", and is intended to be the first in a series. We hope to release more details soon, but wanted to give those who matter most (like members here) a "head's up".

    The co-authors are (in no special order):
    Timothy Hall - USA
    Kishin Fatnani - India
    Valeri Loukine - Switzerland
    Eric Anderson - USA

    While we welcome comments and suggestions here (especially positive ones), please don't ask for more specific information as it's still being hashed out and completed. We'll definitely be updating things here as soon as we have more for you.

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    Default Re: New R80 publication on the way...

    Nice initiative from some very passionate members.
    Any ETA for it?


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