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Thread: fw sam database

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    Default fw sam database

    I am having to reinitialize the db as described in sk104761. this process wipes out all of the SAM rules.

    1) how can I check the list of Suspicious Activity Rules in CLI?
    2) how can I preserve this list or database when I reinitialize the database?


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    Default Re: fw sam database

    SAM is meant to be a temporary mechanism to drop connections until you can code up proper firewall rules to do it.
    It's not meant for long-term rule storage.
    I believe the files SAM uses are in $FWDIR/database (specifically sam_policy.db and sam_policy.mng) but I don't know if they are human readable.
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    Default Re: fw sam database

    SAM is a very good solution for temporary blocking malicious activities. these activities are usually short term. therefore it's better to leave them out of the policy. I've found this in the CLI reference guide. just unsure if the output is the entire database. I was hoping there is a file I could copy and restore after I resize initial_db.

    fw sam -M -nij all

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