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Thread: SSL Inspection for SMTP over SSL/STARTTLS traffic

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    Default SSL Inspection for SMTP over SSL/STARTTLS traffic


    We have some R77.30 gateways with the IPS blade and our mail-relay servers behind the firewalls accept encrypted SMTP connections (port 25).

    Is there a way to inspect the traffic so that the IPS can see the connections unencrypted?

    i.e. can I just import the server certificate in Dashboard and add an HTTPS inspection rule, like we do for HTTPS traffic?


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    Default Re: SSL Inspection for SMTP over SSL/STARTTLS traffic

    I believe that what you are looking for would be the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA):
    sk108553: Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) - FAQ
    sk109699: ATRG: Mail Transfer Agent (MTA)

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