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I'd like to thank everyone involved for making "The CPUG Challenge" a great success.
We helped a lot of people see and learn a bit more about R80.10, while having some fun.
We will be using this success to try and bring more events to more locations soon. -E


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Thread: How to handle Office365 IP addresses

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    Quote Originally Posted by davidson View Post
    Any concept of why AC didn't resolve the issue? It was just pitched to us again and some of the other replies here seem to indicate success.
    You are also going to need HTTPS inspection enabled for it to work properly.

    Take a look at SK110679 as well.

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    We used PowerShell to parse the file that contains all the IP addresses/blocks into something that works with dbedit.

    Then I use SecureRT to run dbedit, copy and paste the file into the SecureRT console, update_all

    Push the policy after I created a new group that contains all the objects created using DBEDIT.

    It worked well and took less than 2 hours.

    I have attached the file that is already parsed into dbedit format. You just need to use SecureRT, putty doesn't parse the lines correctly.

    Good luck.
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    That's good for a one-time add, but how about ongoing maintenance of that list (for example, when IPs get added/removed)?
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