Hello All,

Could you please help me with some information on DLP :

We have Current Setup : 1 Management Box (Smart 1.5) , 1 Event Box (Smart reported ) (Smart 1.5) , 2 FW Gateway 12400.

Mobile Device are not on domain while the users are part of Domain.

We have around 1500 Users who use mobile devices to connect to Internet. All mobile devices are non-domain. We have configured Identity Awareness with AD authentication for all the users. Also we have enabled DLP blade but we are not getting anything on it from the users ( as people use public mail, GMAIL, YAHOO, Outlook etc) and we have allowed the same from our side
Could you please let us know if its required the DLP should have some configuration so that we can caputure the attachemnt logs on the DLP blade.


Rohit Sood