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Thread: Smart Event policy push, now nothing received

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    Default Smart Event policy push, now nothing received

    Hi friends,
    I recently tweaked a couple of threshold settings in my smart event policy. Like from 1 connection per 120 seconds to 4 connections per 120 seconds.
    I also changed an IPS setting for google talk to inactive.
    I pushed event policy and then pushed policy.
    Since this action I am no longer receiving any events.

    I'm running a standalone deployment (all on the one box). Smart monitor says all is connected, correlation etc. It says zero for stats, but it always has even when it worked.
    I see SIC errors, such as below, but they are throughout the logs for many many months.

    [CPSEAD 26268 1995163328]@smart-1[11 Nov 18:05:01] CPSEAD: Wed Nov 11 18:05:01 2015

    Error:failed to get log information from log server. There are SIC configuration problems.
    On the log server, check that:
    The file $FWDIR/conf/fwopsec.conf has the following default settings for lea_server
    # lea_server auth_port 18184
    # lea_server port 0
    If these settings have been deliberately changed in order to read Check Point logs with another tool
    find another free port to use with the auth_port method and configure this new port on Eventia in the following way:
    In Eventia GUI go to the policy tab. Go to General Settings > Objects > Network Objects and double-click on the Eventia
    object in order to see its details. In this screen you can configure the new lea port.
    If your current settings for the lea_server are not needed, please revert back to the default by performing the following:
    comment out the two lea_server lines

    [Expert@smart-1:0]# cpwd_admin list
    CPD 20505 E 1 [01:12:56] 14/12/2015 Y cpd
    FWD 26085 E 1 [18:04:49] 11/11/2015 N fwd -n
    FWM 13249 E 1 [07:07:12] 7/12/2015 N fwm
    STPR 26092 E 1 [18:04:52] 11/11/2015 N status_proxy
    DBSYNC 3368 E 1 [09:30:01] 27/11/2015 N dbsync
    SVR 26204 E 1 [18:04:59] 11/11/2015 N SVRServer
    CPSEMD 28998 E 1 [18:17:32] 11/11/2015 Y cpsemd
    CPSEAD 26268 E 1 [18:05:00] 11/11/2015 N cpsead
    CPWMD 26272 E 1 [18:05:03] 11/11/2015 N cpwmd -D -app SmartPortal
    CPHTTPD 26275 E 1 [18:05:03] 11/11/2015 N cp_http_server -f '/opt/CPportal-R75.40VS/portal/conf/cp_httpd_admin.conf'
    DASERVICE 26291 E 1 [18:05:05] 11/11/2015 N DAService_script
    LC_x.x.x.x 26324 E 1 [18:05:07] 11/11/2015 N log_consolidator -R -s x.x.x.x
    CPSM 13280 E 1 [07:07:21] 7/12/2015 N cpstat_monitor

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    Default Re: Smart Event policy push, now nothing received

    Hmm, 5 days later and life is normal again. Smart event is now publishing events dating back all the days to when I did the threshold change.
    Smart reporter missed a few daily reports with 'no details available'. But apart from that all good. I'm thinking the correlation was down during this time but obviously all data was received.

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