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Thread: tips about idea

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    Default tips about idea

    Hello friends,

    This is my first post, we have an idea about how to do a cluster with two APM in different chassis. more in detail, We have two chassis Xbeam, A and B, managed by 1 smart1-50, for a specific deploy we need to generate a cluster using one APM from chassis A with other APM in other chassis B, both chassis not are redundant only share layer 2 for this APM. the topology is each APM have his own IP address for internal and external zone, and vip was manage for clusterXL.

    I think this can be done, due both blade operate like a gateway, and cluster is managed by CheckPoint Software, clusterXL.

    If someone have comment, we appreciate.

    best regards and thanks.

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    Default Re: tips about idea

    I don't think there are many people family with crossbeam boxes. They don't seem to come up often.

    Are you using VSX?

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