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Thread: configuration and all rule policy, VPN setting log

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    Default configuration and all rule policy, VPN setting log

    Dear Expert,

    I can't use checkpoint backup command, I want to record all configuration including rules applied on one gateway, besides using show configurations, what are other commands I can use? thanks

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    Default Re: configuration and all rule policy, VPN setting log

    I don't have a clear picture what you're trying to achieve.
    The rules and objects are stored on the Management Server (SmartCenter or Provider-1). On the gateway, you need to save only the OS-based configuration. With Gaia, it's simply the configuration file, as long as you don't modify special files such as fwkern.conf etc.

    The backup of the Mgmt Server can be done with several tools. Have a look into the CP Docs.
    A backup of the gateway is best done with a snapshot. It allows you to restore your gateway even if you mess up the file system.

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