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Thread: Need some basic help with understanding checkpoint roles

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    Default Need some basic help with understanding checkpoint roles

    Ive just started here in a checkpoint shop - new to me, and one of my first assignments is to do some security audits. we use 2 factor (radius) authentication to get into the console, but at that point, roles are applied to the user by the smartview monitor system. I see domain manager, global manager, domain superuser and multidomain superuser. no, we don't have identity management blade, this is the basic stuff.

    on our old auditing sheets, however, I see these roles tied to permissions, such as:

    multi-domain super user - admin

    I need to give only the rights the techs need to perform pushes, t.shoot, etc, but where I come from "admin" should NEVER be assigned to anyone - and we got a bunch of them.

    We do have a multi domain setup, but im thinking I need to remove the admin attribute, and replace it with something a little lesser. not sure what that is, though. not finding much clear documentation about roles/permissions. Im hoping to find some sort of matrix that displays different roles and what they can do??



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    Default Re: Need some basic help with understanding checkpoint roles

    Check out the "Multi-Domain Security Management R77 Versions Administration Guide"

    Section: Administrator Management -> Selecting an Administrator Type

    Multi-Domain Superuser
    Manages the Multi-Domain Security Management deployment, including all Domains, Multi-Domain Servers, Domain Management Servers, and administrator accounts.

    Multi-Domain superusers can do these tasks for Multi-Domain Servers:
    Add, edit or delete Multi-Domain Servers and Multi-Domain Log Servers.
    Allow or block access the SmartDomain Manager.

    Domain Superuser
    Manages networks for all Domains using the SmartDomain Manager and SmartConsole clients. Domain superusers can create, edit and delete Domains as well as see all Domain network objects.

    Domain superusers can manage Global Managers, Domain Managers and None administrators. They cannot configure the Multi-Domain Server environment or manage Multi-Domain Superusers.

    Global Manager
    Manages global policies, global objects and specified Domain networks. Global managers can see information or do actions according to their permissions profile settings.

    Global managers can manage Domain Managers and None administrators. Global managers can only see network objects in their assigned Domains. They cannot create new Domains.

    Domain Manager
    Manages specified Domain networks. Domain managers can use SmartConsole clients to see information or do actions according to their permissions profile settings.

    Domain Managers can manage None administrators. They cannot access the Global SmartDashboard to manage global objects and global policies.

    Do not have permissions to manage Multi-Domain Security Management or use the SmartDomain Manager. None administrators can manage specified Domain networks, using the SmartConsole clients.


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    Default Re: Need some basic help with understanding checkpoint roles

    it helps - thanks. Ive also learned I don't have the admin guides, so ill look for those.

    It will take me some time to get my head around exactly what type of access do we need. perhaps an example will help. what would the typical group of technicians have if they were tasked daily with staging and then pushing rules in a multi domain environment? Seldom do we add/change/remove domains, of course, and the last thing we want is someone being able to add/change or delete accounts.

    perhaps the sweet spot will be a combination of roles and permissions profile settings.



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