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Thread: NTP on R77

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    Default NTP on R77

    All, we found a issue with NTP on Gaia on R77.20 and R77.30, both have a lot of issues when you use DNS names for the time servers, on R77.20 ntpd needs to be restarted to get it going and even then it sometimes still does not work. The host is pingable and resolvable from the gw so that is not the issue.

    As soon as you replace the hostname with an IP it works fine.
    Regards, Maarten.
    Triple MDS on R77.30, MDS on R80.10, VSX, GAIA.

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    Default Re: NTP on R77

    Weird its supposed to be fixed in 77.30 according to sk104819

    On the other hand, it wouldn't be the first time something that supposed to be fixed isn't.

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