As many of you may have already heard from a few other sources (I'm late to the game as I was on vacation, and wanted to put this post in it's proper place, which I hadn't created yet), indeni is looking for user-contributed content. They'll even pay as much as $200 for significant contributions.

While I am personally a big fan of indeni and their product, this is not a personal call or endorsement, but rather a public notice that can help our members earn some beer money. Of course, I'd like to see our members posting helpful Check Point related content here as well, but we'll work with indeni to try and share.

What they're looking for is good, in-depth technical articles about Check Point, Palo Alto, or F5. However, you don't even have to write the content up front. They simply ask that you submit your content idea, and they'll work with you to write and format the actual piece.

There's plenty of information on their site here.

So, limber up your right brain (and your fingers) and get paid! (tip of the cap to whoever understands that reference)