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Thread: Third-party vendors welcome!

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    Default Third-party vendors welcome!

    This section has been created to give a home (sort of) to third-party vendors. The "sort of" refers to the fact that our goal is to keep this area at least loosely related to Check Point. The simple goal is to provide useful/helpful information in the form of guidance, reviews, recommendations, support, or even marketing (within limits). This is not, however, to be used for the promotion of resellers and/or professional services organizations or individuals! In our true, free, open, community-driven spirit, the content here is not sponsored or even necessarily endorsed by cpug management.

    We will gladly create a new forum for almost any vendor that provides products or services that are of benefit to the Check Point community, and this user group. Any cpug member (users and vendors themselves) can simply post a new thread in this forum to request a new sub-forum (requests can also be sent to me via PM). They will be reviewed by cpug administration, and created as soon as possible (as long as they meet the criteria below). For now, these posts/requests themselves will be moderated, really just to keep them from being a nuisance to everyone.

    Basic criteria for new vendor forums:
    - Vendor must have an offering that's of benefit to Check Point users/administrators/consultants/etc.
    - That's all (for now)

    Basic guidelines for posts:
    - Posts should be in the correct forum (if the forum isn't there, request it)
    - Posts should be productive and helpful (I don't want to have to start moderating flame wars or trolling - but I will)
    - While some degree of promotion will be welcomed/allowed, please keep it productive and helpful. The goal is to provide useful information, not shameless self-promotion. Again, I don't want this to require heavy moderation.
    - That's all (for now)

    ** Initially, these forums will not be included in the "What's New" section, or indexed for searching. If they prove to be as useful and focused as I hope, that will change.

    Thanks, and please let me know what you think!

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