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Thread: UTM-1 Edge W VPNs via 2 Internet Connections

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    Default UTM-1 Edge W VPNs via 2 Internet Connections

    I have a site in Belgium that has had a new Internet connection installed to replace their existing connection with around 1 month before the original link is ceased.

    I need to remotely transfer their connection to the new link (and the VPNs that use it) over to the new connection. But as the existing VPN from my site in the UK is the only way that I can access the device, I am trying to establish a new VPN from another network in the UK to the Edge W using the new connection to enable me to switch everything over to use the new link without being 'cut off', but am not being successful.

    The original Internet connection is using the WAN port as the primary Internet connection.

    The new Internet connection is using the DMZ/WAN2 port as the secondary Internet connection.

    I have configured a VPN between the Edge W and a Cisco ASA in the UK using the secondary Internet IP address as the peer address on the ASA.

    The ASA says that the VPN has been established and can even transmit traffic (although none is received)

    The Edge W also says the VPN has been established, but says that it is using the primary Internet IP address rather than the secondary.

    I have a static route on the Edge W pointing to the UK encryption domain to go via the WAN2 port.

    Does anyone know how to get this VPN to use the secondary Internet connection rather than the primary?

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    Default Re: UTM-1 Edge W VPNs via 2 Internet Connections

    Your static route should be to the external public IP in the UK and not to the encryption domain.


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