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Thread: Firewall Control Connections (i.e. SIC) in VPN Communities

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    Default Firewall Control Connections (i.e. SIC) in VPN Communities

    I am currently setting up a proof of concept within the Microsoft Azure cloud, I have a Virtual firewall within the cloud.
    I have configured the VPN and the endpoints are on my site a CP4800 and at the remote end I have used the Azure endpoint. The VPN works as expected, I decided to try and use a virtual firewall in conjunction with Microsoft NSG's (Nework security groups). I have tried to establish management (SIC) of the remote Virtual Firewall.

    The results I see are the firewall control connections leaving my external FW unencrypted and then the sic communication fails. I tried a manual rule to encrypt the traffic but the connection never hit the rule I added my self to the manual rule and I got a positive response from the remote FW when telneting on port 18191 and 18208 (i also see an encrypted connection leaving my firewall.

    So my question is is it possible to disable the implied rules for one VPN community if not is there a resource anyone knows of which details; 1) how best to disable the implied Accept Control Connections and manually recreate them, 2)the inherent risks of such action.

    Be gentle!

    Cheers Damien.

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    Default Re: Firewall Control Connections (i.e. SIC) in VPN Communities

    The Control Connections as Implied Rules are a Global Property so would be enabled / disabled for All Firewalls.
    They are added as Implied Rules at the Top of the Policy so they are "hit" before manual rules.

    Use the View / Implied Rules to see the rules that are created.

    How about

    1.) Remove the VPN Tunnel to the Azure VPN Gateway
    2.) Publish the Check Point Firewall to the Internet in Azure
    3.) Establish VPN with the Check Point Gateway in Azure

    That way you aren't trying to manage a Check Point Gateway over a VPN and the Implied Rules are no longer an issue. Remember to use the crypt.def file to say don't encrypt traffic to the Check Point IP in the Azure Cloud

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