We are trying to get the SIP-TLS, H323 and SCCP protocol handlers working for Lync, Avaya and Cisco telephony, but it seems the protocol handlers are not working correctly. We want to enable QOS but we cannot do so until the protocol handlers are fixed.

Has anyone got QOS working successfully so it reads the DSCP markings prioritizes traffic? It is very confusing and difficult to configure, however, it is very simple on VSX gateways using cpqos. The following commands is all that is needed and you are all done.

cpqos class add Diamond type llq prio 1 dscp 46
cpqos class add Platinum type llq prio 2 dscp 34
cpqos class add Gold type reg prio 3 weight 100 dscp 26
cpqos class add Bronze type reg prio 4 weight 200 dscp default

cpqos install
cpqos status
cpqos class show
cpqos stats

Please advise.