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Thread: VoIP problem with mirror port

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    Default VoIP problem with mirror port

    Hello guys!

    I have a problem with VoIP. I am doing a mirror port on my environment to check all of my traffic. The Checkpoint is Power-1 9070, GAIA R77.20. There is nothing configurated to block any kind of traffic, everything is configurated to allow or detect.

    So my environment is not receiving any calls, and if I remove the check point from that topology, everything works fine.

    Anynone could give me a tip?

    Thank you!!

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    Default Re: VoIP problem with mirror port

    I figured out that one of my two interfaces that I am doing the mirroring is a VLAN tagged, and the another one is Untagged.
    So I can identify all traffic from the untagged VLAN but, for the tagged vlan I have problems with the URL and Application Control logs. It isn't shown anything.

    Any idea about it?

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