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Thread: QoS blade on Smart Centre Server maximum number of interfaces

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    Default QoS blade on Smart Centre Server maximum number of interfaces


    Is there a fixed limit on the maximum number of cluster interfaces that can be QoS enabled in a Smart Center Server on R77?

    We have approximately 300 clusters and each cluster has the external interfaces enabled for inbound and outbound rates. We have hit an unknown limit it seems with the policy pushes on the SMS server to the clusters individually reporting "QoS policy , Floodgate Blade - Error: Has more interfaces than supported by fg".

    All the clustered gateways are running R77.10.

    Many thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: QoS blade on Smart Centre Server maximum number of interfaces

    I haven't found any documentation regarding a limit as such.

    May be worth asking TAC if they are aware of anything like this.

    Having said that never come across anyone running 300 Clusters off a Single SmartCenter, well before get to that number then have found that deployed MDS/Provider-1 solution to separate the installation into separate area's for management purposes.

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