Well i just had a completely terrifing bug or maybe this is a feature i don't know about.

Anyway, what happened was i was working on scripting out pulling stats from the audit logs showing how many rule changes were happening to a policy per day since i couldn't script this out of tufin. I stumbled across a day that had a crazy amount of changes so i looked closer and found my user id was showing some massiving changes, which wouldn't be a problem, only i didn't make any firewall changes that day. I made sure clocks were synced and timezones were right. This was about the time the black helicopters started to circle. So after freaking and looking at server logs and everything else i looked around in tracker more and it dawned on me the rules changed were global rules range.

So long story the changes made via global policy were installed and then the next day i did a policy install to update a IA banner. I didn't change anything else but tracker said i changed all the same rules the global policy change affected.

I've never been so happy for a bug (or feature or misunderstanding don't know yet) ever.