Hi Experts

1.I have a query for SNX Remote access VPN . The option is available under the firewall gateway properties listed under VPN Clients tab . The SNX option is also available under Mobile Access tab (if Mobile Access blade is enabled) . If Mobile blade is enabled , then the option of SNX under the VPN Clients tab gets greyed out . Hence i would like to know what is the purpose of providing SNX vpn client option under both ? As per my understanding the SNX Client under VPN Clients tab (and no Mobile blade enabled) comes free of cost (off course one has to purchase IPSEC VPN License).Is Checkpoint planning to remove SNX option under VPN Clients tab in the future ? (if we assume that SNX will be provided only if one purchase Mobile VPN Blade ) .

2. We have users who use both SNX (via Mobile VPN Blade) and Endpoint Security VPN Client . The perimeter firewall is GAIA Cluster (active/standby) . I would like to have different Office Mode IP Address pool for SNX and Endpoint Security VPN Client .Although Mobile Access and VPN Clients option under gateway properties of FW CLuster object provides separate option for VPN pool , but since the firewall is in cluster the VPN Pool needs to be configured under each Cluster Member . Hence the option of providing TWO DIFFERENT VPN IP Pools is not possible in this case .Does anyone have any solution or workaround for this ?

3. If there are 2 firewalls at 2 diff Datacenters(one at DC "A" and another at DC "B ) , is there any option for Remote access VPN Clients to switch automatically from Firewall at DC "A" to DC"B" in case firewall at DC"A" becomes unavailable for certain period of time (say 15 seconds) ?