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Thread: SNMP Issues R77.10 VSX - Connection tables

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    Default SNMP Issues R77.10 VSX - Connection tables


    Since we have upgraded our firewalls on R77.10 we are having issues reading SNMP values for some oids.
    We are trying to get the number of active connection per VSX but it is showing all 0.

    The object we are trying to get is the vsxCountersConnNum.

    I see all the different VSX but only the .1.0 has a value.
    I tried it on a different firewall and only the .1.0 has a value.

    Perhaps I am missing some SNMP parameters.

    show snmp agent
    SNMP Agent Enabled

    The snmp extensions have been enabled.


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    Default Re: SNMP Issues R77.10 VSX - Connection tables

    I faced the same issue.

    I observed value for SNMP connection table for active device is 0 & value fro standby devices is showing correctly.
    in my case found "amon_vsx_refresh_interval" file under directory "$FWDIR/conf" was missing.

    1. run from VS 0:
    # echo 30 > $FWDIR/conf/amon_vsx_refresh_interval

    2. verify that the value has been written:
    # cat $FWDIR/conf/amon_vsx_refresh_interval

    3. wait around 5 minutes, and the changes will applied.

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