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Thread: SSH passwords stopped working

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    Default SSH passwords stopped working


    First thing please to be aware of is I am very inexperienced and have therefore looked everything up online.

    We have a Checkpoint cluster of two, R75.45. The problem I have is that I now cannot access the firewall console after following the instructions below.

    I needed to run a migrate export. Managed that OK using Putty to ssh to the firewall management console.

    But when I tried to use WinSCP to transfer the file to my desktop the connection kept failing. Then I found this great CheckPoint document "How to Connect on a Check Point SPLAT or Gaia Gateway with a SFTP/SCP Client", http://www.cpfirewall.com/how-to-con...tp-scp-client/.

    It explained that you had to promote the admin user to expert level so that the WinScp connection would work, by doing this:

    login as: admin
    admin@x.x.x.x password:
    [CPFIREWALL]# expert
    Enter expert password:
    You are in expert mode now.
    [Expert@CPFIREWALL]# chsh –s /bin/bash admin
    Changing shell for admin.
    Shell changed.

    This worked fine, WinSCP connected and I copied the file over to my Windows desktop.

    It said you then needed to revert admin back as follows:

    [Expert@CPFIREWALL]# chsh –s /bin/cpshell admin
    Changing shell for admin.
    Warning: “/bin/cpshell” is not listed in /etc/shells
    Shell changed.

    Unfortunately this didn't work for me - I got:

    [Expert@fwmgr]# chsh -s /bin/cpshell admin
    Changing shell for admin.
    chsh: "/bin/cpshell" does not exist.

    On the CPUG I found an instruction with the same purpose as follows:

    [Expert@fwmgr]# chsh -s /etc/cpshell admin
    Changing shell for admin.
    Warning: "/etc/cpshell" is not listed in /etc/shells
    Shell changed.

    which seemed to work fine BUT now I cannot log in as admin or expert - it tells me my password is wrong for both!!

    I can access the SmartDashboard to the firewall itself, I can browse to the Gaia Portal OK, I can SSH to each of the firewalls separately and also the firewall cluster address. But I cannot access the console any more.

    I found another CPUG suggestion to create a new admin level user in the Gaia Portal which I did, but I still cannot SSH to the console as that user either.

    I would very much appreciate any help anyone can give me.

    Thank you very much in anticipation.


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    Default Re: SSH passwords stopped working

    Panic over!

    I was too impatient and scared - it seemed to be taking a long time to think about my passwords before it decided it didn't like them - but when I tried again just now it accepted them straight away.

    Thank you all you kind people who were having a look. :-)


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